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Our Mission

“Unity is Strength”


It is our goal to promote character, team building, technical and personal discipline through the art of creative movement and dance within a family centered atmosphere.  We strive to outreach and promote unity within the community while engaging in various art forms of dance that may have limited exposure within the suburban Atlanta area. 




“Taking a village to raise our children through unique and creative artistic expression”

Promoting individuality and creativity in a family-geared community where students can feel they are free to express themselves and call “us” a home away from home.  We want to provide exposure to individuals who may not otherwise have a positive outlet or way of expression on a daily basis. We are geared towards student and adolescents ages 2 and up with interest in learning and further developing technique within the world of dance and creative expressions.


It is our vision to also expand the world of dance to those that may require more direct and student driven paced instruction including those with special needs such as developmental delays, autism spectrum disorder and other disabilities Theses classes along with our other classes benefit children by improving coordination, balance, focus, listening skills, self-esteem, rhythm, and overall fitness and social skills. 



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